Authentic Guest Book Comments,
Sundial B407 & B408

We always enjoy reading the guestbook comments during recent visits to our condo. Here's what our guests have had to say...

"Ode to Sanibel", from a young 10 year old visitor:

Palm trees swaying in the breeze, Mom and Dad, won't you take me please? Ocean water sometimes cold Sunsets look like glittering gold Seaweed floating here and there Seagulls flying everywhere Seashells lining up the shore Makes me want to go even more The unique shells hiding in the sand Playing on the beach is just so grand Graceful dolphins leap up in the air It makes me want to go back there Swimming there is such a treat Everything is very sweet Sanibel is such a pretty sight I want to go there with all my might So Mom and Dad, I give you 100 pleases Take me back to Sanibel breezes

And this lovely poem from Marjorie Edwards, who visited from London, England:

"I have lingered on coral shell beaches And bathed in the warm turquoise seas I relaxed and dreamt tropical daydreams While palm fronds swayed in the cool breeze. I've watched pink billed ibis go paddling By shallows where sea meets the shore White egrets, blue herons & pelicans Dive deep to the sea's fishing floor. I collected seashells by the hundred Conch & tulips, cones, angel's wing While paddling in shell strewn clear waters And listening to Sandpipers sing. I have reveled in nature's sheer beauty And heard the sweet song of the sea Now I must return to my homeland And take my seadreams home with me."